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(version francaise)

I always wondered if I had a blog, what would my first post look like. Well I guess this is it! It is a combination of the motivations behind this blog, an acknowledgment to the people that inspire me every day and how our journey, you the reader and me the writer is going to unfold.

I am a biologist, aspiring to become one day, an academic. In the mean time, my head is always full of crafty ideas, DIY, new clothes and boho bags designs. It has slowly taken over, and Mr BoHo insisted on us having a “craft room” in our new Sheffield house; I guess to contain my overwhelming, developing passion. Now I also teach the craft I love, and sharing it has been wonderful so far. I want to share more, and this what this blog is about. I hope some of my posts will inspire you, make you more crafty, or will provide you with a little escape while having a cup of coffee or tea.

Despite the fact I always had a thing for boho and the simplicity of life that comes with it, I got inspired by a lot of different people and characters throughout my life, especially role model women and charismatic men. I would like to thank them, to have shaped up some aspects of my personality, always encouraged me to follow my dreams, hopes, and give me the means, inspiration and support to achieve anything that I wanted. I cannot name them all, but I am sure they will recognise themselves, so THANK YOU.

I am going to be experimenting with the blog for a little while, cause it is all new to me… So I am asking you to be a little patient and tolerant…






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