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Hi everyone,

This week-end, I went through my crafty bookshelf to declutter and keep the essential. I often like to cut out projects and ideas from magazines, and organise them into notebooks. It is then easier to go through them while taking a quiet break as well as not looking like a magazine hoarder… I had the nice surprise to find an old red notebook that I barely used. It looked a bit blend and I guess I just wasn’t very inspired to write in it. I certainly wasn’t getting rid of it though, but decided to give it a makeover!

First, I thought to draw nice geometrical patterns with black and silver sharpies, but then remembered that I had scraps of wallpaper that I got my hands on a couple of months ago with sketched silver and black feathers, and the size was perfect. When I do notebook makeover, I like to use wallpaper as it is sturdier than normal paper; they are often woven, giving the notebook a nice finish. I decided to add a bookmark to my face lifted notebook, so I don’t spend hours finding the page I want.


I first glued (I used tack glue) a flat leather cord between the binding and the cover. On the other end of the cord, I glued 2 pieces of white leather (like a sandwich…), and cut it as a feather shape. Done for the bookmark, now the cover.


I applied glue tack first on the front and back cover, glued my wallpaper, and folded it nicely over the covers. I wanted my notebook to be a bit sturdy, and have a glossy finish, so I applied 2 coats of tack glue letting it dry between coats.


I am very pleased with the results. The feathers drawn on this paper have a simple but authentic design. I don’t know if you can see from the pictures, but some have a silver shine, which adds a hint of sophistication.

And you? What have you been making this week-end?

Hope you had a happy Monday!



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