gallery Looking back at 2015: Roadtrip in Norway

Happy New Year everyone!

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With the new year, we all get to reflect on the year that has gone by, the things we have done, the decisions we made, the new resolutions. To be honest, I am not a “new year resolutions” kind of person, but I’d think about the positive, amazing things I did in the past year and wait to see what 2016 brings.

In June last year, I had the chance to travel in a wild, attractive, intriguing country: Norway. Mr BoHo and I didn’t do much research before going, and we didn’t have much of a plan. We rented a car, and decided to follow the good weather, embrace the wilderness, the endless day light around the summer solstice and climb some amazing boulders.

While gearing up for camping, I realised that every single grocery store has an haberdashery section with wonderful woolly yarn! I don’t think I have ever been so excited about going to the grocery store than in Norway. I thus stocked up on yarn, a crochet size 4mm; I was ready for the trip!


We headed up north to the village of Harbak, located on a peninsula. We set up our wild camp next to a river and close to the boulders of course. From then, our pace of life slowed down driven by a deep sense of peace, which I still get each time I think about this trip. Our days revolved around climbing, making simple but tasty, healthy food, enjoying the scenery, taking long afternoon walks, crocheting with my brand new amazing yarn stash, talking about life.

Harbak sheep_harbak

We then headed east for the small town of Selbu, which had much more to offer than it seemed at first. Selbu is well known for his knitting technics, especially for its Rose pattern. I visited the knitting museum, which hosts all kind of old treasures, from tools to delicate hand-woven ribbons, an impressive collection of crochet potholders, traditional mittens and the biggest mitten of the world!

knitting_museum_entrance bigest_mitten potholders knitting_museum

After our inland break in Selbu, we felt the urge to head to the coast again. We camped near Vingsand, right by the sea and its soothing sound…we couldn’t get much closer than that…

campsite_vingsand vingsand_view

Even though we embraced the Norwegian wilderness, we also appreciated a couple of days in the city of Trondheim when the weather turned badly. It is a very pretty city, with its colourful houses on the river, small coffee shops and the museum of arts and crafts.

trondheim_river trondheim_coffee_shops arts_museum_geometric

Heading south again to catch our plane back to the UK, we stopped and rented a small wood cabin on the high-tundra plateau, in central Norway. This is home of the musk-ox, moose, reindeer, eagles…breath-taking. I felt very humble while walking in the never-ending tundra landscape.


During our trip, I took every opportunity, in the car, waiting for dinner to cook, taking a coffee break in the afternoon, to crochet a “souvenir” blanket inspired by Norway’s landscape colours: the blue of the ocean, the grey of the boulders and the yellow mustard of the lichen.

guidebook blanket&pillows blanket_wood blanket_fold blanket_white_basket

Every time I travel, I feel richer of experience, but also humble, more open-minded, thankful to be able to appreciate what life has to offer. I hope to take the road again in 2016, I hope you will as well if you wish to.

Have a wonderful start of the year,


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