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Start 2016 by taking an adventure in upcycling, make our planet more eco-friendly, meet people and have fun! You can register for my upcycled basket crochet workshop at Makers on the Edge in Sheffield here

Have a lovely week-end!


daisy&forest_basket1 copyliberty_basket1_low



    • Thanks. Well, if you come to Sheffield one day, we could gather some upcycling ideas! I just saw your 2016 upcycling challenge, what a nice idea. I upcycle quite a lot (our entire house is upcycled…), and haven’t bought high street store clothes for a while, probably about a year. I hope to post many more upcycling ideas to inspire people and I am looking forward to get updates on the Brawhem Challenge!

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      • I’m from Hull originally so not far from Sheffield, you never know!
        Thanks for checking out the challenge. I don’t buy a lot of high street stuff, the majority of things I buy from charity shops or sew. But things like underwear and coats and things I don’t think I can make…well a few of those have been purchased from the high street. And I don’t like it, I don’t think it’s ethical, I’m anti capitalist, so it feels wrong on many levels! I just felt I needed to do this.
        Let’s stay in touch!


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