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Hi everyone!

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Waow! I didn’t post for ages! I also missed a couple of moodboards… I promise I will make up for it soon! I DO have a good excuse though: I opened my Etsy shop!!! Yep, that’s right! You can find it here. I hope you like, and let me know what you think!


Going back to the purpose of this post, the craft room walls look a bit desperate since we moved in the new house. One of the wall has a nice recess just above the heater (probably were the old chimney fitting was), with my yarn stash on the left (FYI: I use a CD/DVD shelving unit to store my yarn). I wanted to dress up the wall with something BIG but not overpowering, something natural and neutral and that I could use as a template to hang things. I therefore thought a wooden feature would be nice.

Driftwood would have been perfect. But when you live in Sheffield, in the middle of England, it is hard to get hold of it! So I headed to the hardware store, in the search of the perfect match. Well…I ended up buying fire-starting logs as it is raw-wood, so it looks very authentic.

I didn’t want to change the aspect of the logs, so I just varnished them with water based oak wood varnish. Once it was dry, I attached each end of the logs with each other using cotton string and a staple gun (trying not to get my fingers in the way…). If you don’t have a staple gun, you can either buy one, as they are really useful and fairly cheap, or use U nails, a hammer, and a whole lot of patience!



I am really pleased with the result! it dresses the wall just like I wanted, without drawing too much attention, and it has so kind of soothing effect on me!

One of the top logs had a branch piece left on it, so I am able to hang small decor items such as a lovely wooden angel hanging my mum gave me, and mini woven wall hanging that I have made over Christmas for my tree decoration.

angel_wall_art_overallwall_art_angel_closeDIY_wood_wall_art I guess you could use the same technique with driftwood, small wood boards, or even pieces of cork-board so you can pin ideas, post cards etc…

What do you think? You like it?

Have a lovely week-end,


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