gallery [EN] DIY boho leather fringed necklace and bracelet

Hi everyone!

Long time no see! Sorry about that… I was busy with the shop in the last couple of weeks, and also made a few things for myself to take off my 3 months roadtrip to North America.


I made it to the other side of the Atlantic, over many icy landscapes that I had a prime view on from the plane! This post will be short, and also maybe not the best I write ever, as jetlag is kicking in!


The first stop is Vancouver, greater Vancouver, and the islands around it to visit friends and family. I forgot how green and beautiful it is!


Knowing that I would be on the road, I really packed the essentials, but wanted to take jewellery with me as well. It had to be light and comfortable in all weather conditions. And of course, I wanted something a little boho !

So before going, I made a matching bracelet and necklace.


I thought leather would be the perfect material, and fringes the best design! For vegetarian and vegan, I used scraps of upcycled real leather as I had a little bag of it hanging around, but you can use faux leather or faux suede instead.

What you need to make a matching bracelet and necklace:

– a piece of leather (or faux leather) 25 cm long and 10 cm wide

– a snap fastener punch (or a hole punch and hammer)

– a leather or faux leather cord (40-45 cm)

– snap fasteners

– scissors

For the bracelet, I placed a rectangle template with round edges in a piece of light cardboard the length of my wrist on top of the leather scrap, and cut it.


At about 2 cm from the lengthwise edges, I cut through the leather, in order to create many 0.5 cm (approximately) strips.


I then secured a snap fastener in order to have the suede side, not the smooth side, visible as I think it is prettier.


Bracelet done!


For the necklace, I cut an appr. 6 cm x 4 cm rectangle into the remaining scraps of leather to create a fringed pendant.

P1030506I cut through the leather to make fringes, stopping at about 2 cm from the top.

P1030509 I punched two holes (with my beloved Prym punch) at the top of the fringed pendant, and passed the leather cord through. I tied the ends of the cord together to have the desired necklace drop length. Necklace done!


I am really happy with my new set, I think it is versatile, and goes well with a lot of outfits, such my favourite tutu dress, some boots, and the little crossbody I made to store my wallet while travelling.


Hope this will inspire you! And please, send me some pictures if you try this DIY!

Alright, it is time for a nap to male the jetlag gently go away…




One comment

  1. Hello Leni,
    Le bracelet et le collier sont super jolis, très bonns idée comme toujours.
    J’ai reçu très rapidement ma commande, tout était comme je l’avais imaginé, dans une belle pré suis super contente de ma commande. Merci Leni. Bon voyage et à très bientôt.


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