gallery [EN] Crochet Joshua tree sunglasses case

Hi everyone!

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying my Californian roadtrip! Not to name them all, there is such benefit and pleasure to a simple van life: eating simple stove cooked meal, going to bed early and waking up with the sun, exercising outdoors all day, driving through the most amazing landscapes…


Last week, I have been driving through the west part of the Mojave desert, stopping at the Joshua Tree National Park, and Bishop. The Mojave desert is so pretty and diverse. I have seen all sorts of cacti (I really, really wanted all of them for my home!), very dry landscape with huge mountains (such as the Sierra Nevada) on the background.


I had two days of heavy rain, which gave me the opportunity to treat myself with cinnamon rolls, buns and a pain au chocolat from “The most Famous German Bakery” in Bishop. It is much more that a bakery though, it is a real tourist attraction! I can understand why after having eaten my pastry, which were delicious.


Despite a little rain, the desert is a rather hot and sunny place…I had to buy a pair of sunglasses, and I thought I would make a little crochet case to store them. To keep the memory of the desert alive and with me at all time, I embroided a Joshua tree (or sort of…) on my crochet case, as well as a few arrows.


I used a worsted 100% cotton yarn that I bought in Canada, a crochet size 4, two colours of the same yarn, moss green and black, and I also used a button kindly donated by my grandma, from her stash. The pattern is in UK standard and approximate, as I didn’t take note while crocheting. If you want to reproduce this pattern and are a beginner, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you get stuck somewhere or have any questions!

The case is constructed in 2 parts that I assembled after I embroided each of them.


STEP 1: Side with the button hole.

Crochet 16 chains (ch)

row 1: double crochet (dc) in the second chain from crochet, and double crochet in each chain whole after that (15 dc)

row 2-31: ch1 (counts as 1st dc), 14 dc (15 dc total)

row 32-37: slip stitch (ss) in the second dc, 13 dc, turn.

row 38: 8 ch to make the buttonhole ( make more or less chain according to the size of your button), ss in the last dc from previous row.

To cross stitch the Joshua tree, I made a quick diagram in my travel book that I followed approximately. Each dc then counts as a square with corners you can cross stitch on.


STEP 2: Inside side with stitched arrows

Crochet 16 chains (ch)

row 1: double crochet (dc) in the second chain from crochet, and double crochet in each chain whole after that (15 dc)

row 2-31: ch1 (counts as 1st dc), 14 dc (15 dc total), slip stitch to fasten off.

On that side, I embroider 2 simple arrows, but if you fancy something else there, go ahead!

STEP 3: Assemble both sides, sew the button

Put both sides of the case on top of each other, use a row of double crochet to stitch both sides together, and continue along the edges of the closing flap to reinforce the button hole. Sew the button where your button hole falls, and you done!

I have to take on the road again, next step is the beach and coastal area so I am looking forward to it! So I will return soon to tell you all about it.

Have an amazing week-end,



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