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Hi all!

I know some of you are gonna hate me for writing this. I was thrilled to spend some time on the warm south Californian beaches of Santa Barbara and Ventura!


Around Santa Barbara, I camped on top of the hills, before heading down at the beach to admire a beautiful sunset.

P1040244 P1040413

Ventura has kilometres and kilometres of sand just at the foothills of the city. Considering how hot it was this week, I was surprised to see very few people on the beach, except a few surfers and paddlers taking advantage of the nice swell.

P1040409 P1040619 P1040617

Well, after all it is only spring, and many people are probably waiting for the summer to go to the beach, right? Well, I don’t think we should wait! So today, I created a moodboard: Beach before summer. All you need to pretend it is already summer at the beach! This is how you do it…


Rehydrate yourself with this pretty “save the fish” water bottle from Sandcloud (1). Put some cool wood glasses (2 by CityWolfLT on Etsy) and a hat on (3 by Anthropologie), even if there is no sunshine yet! If there is sunshine, don’t forget to protect your skin with this amazing raw natural ingredients sunscreen (4 Eco-stick, Urban Outfitters). For a picnic on the beach or even in the park, get the boho look with this shibori beach towel (5 by MonPetitBikini). Want to perfect your beach look? Make your own beach hairspray (6. DIY by HowDoesShe in english here; 7. and in french by MyPrettyLittleReviews), or your own all natural bronzing butter (8 DIY by FreePeopleBlog)! Finally, make this lovely jute beach bag your new spring handbag (9 by The BeachPeople)!

See! beach before summer!

Next, I will be heading to the mountains, away from everything, for at least 10 days, so I guess I see you after my wilderness aparte !

Leni xxx


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