gallery [Moodboard] Shades of Pantone Lush Meadow


Every season, Pantone releases a set of colours that marks the trend for fashion, decor, you name it! This fall, I have been a little obsessed with the colour “Lush meadow”, a bright, bold and joyful dark emerald green. It also reminds me a lot of nature, forest and wild spaces that I like so much. So there it is: the moodboard inspired by shades of Lush meadow.

Chaque saison, Pantone sort un assortiment de couleurs qui marquent les tendances mode, déco intérieure, etc… Cet automne, j’ai craqué sur le vert émeraude aux notes foncées “Lush meadow”, une couleur vive, brute et joyeuse. Cela me rappelle beaucoup la nature, la forêt, les espaces sauvages que j’aime tant. Donc le voilà, le moodboard inspiré par des tonalités de vert “lush meadow”.



1- handknitted pullover from Oneon (part of ASOS eco-brands! yeapii!)

2- Oversized jersey scarf by Janny’s girl through Etsy

3- Eye shadow by my favourite make-up brand: Boho Green Cosmetics

4- Tie-dye cushion cover by bohemian babes through Etsy

5- Super stylish and trendy: the velvet chair by Maison du Monde (available in France and in the UK)

6- Cactus lamp by Fly

7- Gorgeous hand dyed gradient yarn by Homespunwonders through Etsy

8- Handmade and hand-bounded green leaf pattern notebook by MagpieMoonshine through Etsy


Hope you enjoyed this week’s moodboard!

J’espère que ce petit moodboard vous aura plu!

A bientôt, Leni x



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